Spring and Summer of 2014 (1)

During the spring and summer of 2014 we made a couple of Maine trips.

On one of those trips, we stopped at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Saco, ME.
Chris shot this chapel in the cemetery using a fish-eye lens.
Chapel in Laurel Hill Cemetery

I focused on trying out my new macro lens. Some violets were growing near the pathways. I love violets because of their dainty details, so I tried to capture them in the pictures below.
Violet, Laurel Hill Cemetary
Group of Violets by Path

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Beginning the New Year of 2015

The last months of the last year were a bit hectic, so that we didn’t even take many pictures. However, I will be posting about some of the small trips we did take.
Now we are back to taking pictures, lots of them. But they are almost exclusively of our most adorable little son. Babies are so cute! It is hard to not take pictures of him all the time. Hopefully we will be able to pry ourselves away, get out again, and take some New England pictures for this year.


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What have we been up to?

Hi, Chris here.  We haven’t been focusing on this blog as much as we probably should be, but that’s mostly because we’ve been out taking and posting pictures!  Note that I am not accounting for the endless hours spent at our desk jobs (bleh)…although these also affect how much time we have to write about our hobbies.

Anyway, to summarize since we last posted, we have updated almost all of our galleries on our website with new pictures, we have achieved over 300 likes on our Facebook fan page, and we started a store on Fine Art America.  To humble my ego, I need to point out that we achieved those likes mostly through boosting posts and not due to the earth-shattering artistic quality of our pictures (we pay Facebook a few bucks to have our posts show up in the news feeds of local people who we think enjoy nature and photography.  Some of them ended up liking us.)  None of this has resulted in any sales yet, but that’s ok.  We’re still learning and getting better (I hope).  One day we might take a shot of something that makes someone say “Wow!  I need that on my wall!”

Yup, we’ve been really busy with every aspect of this adventure, except the blog!


In terms of our photography, we’ve been focusing a lot on sunset scenes right now.  Before you scream cliche, please hear me out!  I know everyone in the world takes pictures of sunsets and sunrises.  Why?  Because they are beautiful, of course!  But, the pictures that have always really stood out are ones where the sunrise or sunset is just the background, and not the point of the photograph.  To this end, I’ve been trying to capture scenes that have the beautiful color of a sunset in the background, but also interesting subjects up front.  Avery Point in Groton is a nice place to get some shots like this, as well as any place where you can put boats, docks, or other interesting things in front of the lens to carve out silhouettes.

Hopefully within the next week we will be ready to post some of the pictures we took from Williams Beach in Mystic.  It’s a cute little beach that seems to be mostly ignored by the tourists, which means it’s a perfect place to capture nice images.  Until then, have a good week!


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Down the Mystic River

The Morgan went down the Mystic River.  It didn’t actually sail, because it needs to be ballasted, and they couldn’t ballast it in the Mystic River because the river is too shallow.  So the Morgan was pushed out.

But it still looked beautiful.  We have pictures up on our website.


Charles W. Morgan

Charles W. Morgan on Mystic River

Charles W. Morgan Photo Gallery

Chris and I split up to take pictures.  Mine have people in the foreground because I stood farther up and inland while Chris stood on a floating dock with no one in front of him.  The sun came out and shone hot on the side of my face.

Chris met a bike shop owner who was also a photographer.  He said they spent whole time talking about bikes and lenses.  I discovered there were a lot of dogs with their owners come to see the Morgan out.  The couple in front of me had a sweet black dog with a greying muzzle.  She was called Jewel and she was fifteen.  A couple of little girls patted her.

Many other boats came out as well.  My favorite boat was the fire boat.  They had water shooting up and out during the procession.  Chris preferred the police boat.  He said he was impressed by the armouring on it.

You can see the Morgan in New London now.

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Potential Upcoming Mystic Shoot

The Morgan, the last wooden whaling ship in the US, is setting sail down Mystic River from the Mystic Seaport tomorrow in the morning.  You can read about it at the Mystic Seaport website here.

It should be a pretty cool sight since they have to unfurl all the sails because there is no alternative propelling system (i.e. a diesel motor) to get it down the river.  Chris and I are hoping it does not rain so we can visit downtown Mystic and get some pictures.  Unfortunately, we do not have waterproof cameras, and we haven’t come up with a suitable protection system for our cameras yet.  So rain is not fun.

On another note, we have discussed some other areas for potential shoots.  One of the goals of our photography is to find all the little parks and other places that are in one region that anybody could visit, but we just don’t think about.  We had this idea a while ago, but it is becoming more important to us now since we are expecting a little person to join us in the late fall, curtailing any long distance traveling for a while.

If you, the perhaps non-existent reader, have any suggestions for places to visit in Southeastern Connecticut, we would be happy to investigate and perhaps take some fun pictures of.

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The introductory post for this blog…I feel I should say something fancy and important all about what our purpose for this blog is and how anybody reading it will get so much from it.

I cannot think of anything like that to say, however.

Chris and I (this is Kirsten) like to take pictures.  Actually, Chris liked taking pictures long before me.  He comes from a photography family.  I took the usual obligatory pictures of nice scenery and family opening presents until I started dating him.  Since then, I have learned a little bit better how to take a picture of something I think is really beautiful so that other people can see the same beautiful thing.

I guess that is what this blog is about.  It is just descriptions of the beautiful things we saw that we tried to take pictures of.  And maybe it will be a little bit about camera gear (because Chris loves technical details).


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