Mystic Bridge Composite

This composite of the Mystic Bridge was the latest picture we added to our website.


Chris took the top picture and the bottom right picture using a fish-eye lens to accentuate the curve of the gear.  The bottom left picture was shot looking straight up one of the sides.  I drew the border in black pen.

It was a fun picture to create since it was a bit different from our usual style.  Originally, we thought about putting up the photographs individually, but after further consideration, we decided to try this approach.  I tried to pull out patterns and themes in bridge construction by putting them in the border.  I could tell you which pieces of the border I like or am not satisfied with, but I think I will leave it up to your own judgement.  (You do not want me to start picking out all the flaws I think I see because I am very picky with my own work!)

What do you think?  Should we try some more composite pictures or should we try something else?

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A lover of math A fan of stories A devoted Christian
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1 Response to Mystic Bridge Composite

  1. Homemanager says:

    Love it!

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