Taking Pictures in Winter…Without Snow

So December is almost done with, and not a flake of snow has fallen  that I know of.  Well, at least not in Connecticut, or Southern Maine.  Normally by now we’d have at least a few pictures of pristine, newly fallen snow (on top of something, say, a nice New England landscape).

It has been a bit of a struggle to find things to shoot.  One grey day has been followed by another, sometimes with rain and mud thrown in. However, grey days often make for great contrast with colorful subjects, and they lend a certain mood to images that can’t be captured otherwise.

We were in Maine for the past week, and we ran across this mangled lobster trap with some intertwined colored rope while walking the beach.  When combined with the desolate beach in the background, I think it made for a nice shot.

What kind of things do you take pictures of on snowless winter days?


Mangled Lobster Trap on a Maine Beach



About Chris

I'm a science-fiction writer, landscape photographer, and engineer living in New England. I'm also a husband, father, and a Christian. When I'm not busy with all of these things, you can probably find me asleep, dreaming of mountain biking on an alien planet.
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