Snow Trip!

Finally everything fell into place and we had the perfect day for a snow shoot.  Previously, though we had snow, it was too cold, gray, icy, or dirty to go on a shoot.  But this past couple of weeks have been warm and all the dirty old snow melted and so did the last sheets of ice on the steps and driveway that we couldn’t get off.  Then between yesterday and today, we had a late snow.  It was not too much, just enough to cover everything, but it was still warm and sunny enough to get good pictures.  So we packed cameras and a napping baby into the car and went for a little shoot.

Chris has been wanting to get this house for a while. He took this picture in color, but decided it looked better in black and white. The color one did not have much color because of the snow, so the light and dark contrast was somewhat lost until he turned it black and white.
Old House in Mystic

Chris wondered what the old library in Mystic, CT looked like in the snow. We drove there and I took this picture out the car window. Chris cut off a tiny bit of the edges on each side because there was a little more of the trees on each side than felt necessary, but we were having trouble getting the angle right shooting from the car.
Mystic Noank Library

This was a fun picture. We were driving back after getting the library picture when both Chris and I saw this view. This is the final picture after we played with several lens and angles. I like how the fence leads your eye to the bend in the river. A high shutter speed helped us to get the falling snow.
Snowy Mystic River in March

Chris added three other pictures to our website today too (). One was a picture of the Ledyard Oak. Another is a picture of the Grist Mill at Clyde’s Cider Mill. Both of these pictures were taken last year and are going to be part other posts. I thought I would share the third picture since it is from Mystic too.
This picture is of a ship undergoing repairs at the Mystic Seaport. Chris waited for the right lighting to get this picture. I think the clouds make a nice background for this ship.
Ship Repair in Mystic

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