Avery Point Trips in 2014

We visited Avery Point in Groton, CT a couple of times.  Chris went by himself one or twice as well.  Once we shot engagement photos for a friend there.  All times we ended up with a couple of nice shots of the area.

Here is a sunset over the water that Chris took.
Sunset at Avery Point

I took a picture of a white egret. Actually, I did not want to take a picture because I was getting tired and hungry (pregnancy = grumpy when hungry). But Chris asked me to just take a quick picture out of the car window. So I did. It came out surprisingly better than I expected!
Great White Egret

Independence Day brought fireworks to the Thames river. Avery Point was a nice place to watch them from without getting overwhelmed by masses of people. The fireworks were okay. We couldn’t see a lot of the smaller, lower ones. But we did catch this beautiful sunset.
Rooftop Sunset at Avery Point

Of course, you need to shoot the lighthouse when you visit Avery Point. So we did, but we didn’t like most of our pictures because they came out a little bit boring. Here is our one of our better ones.
Avery Point Lighthouse

I thought the light house shot of the New London Ledge Light came out much better.
Ledge Light in Black and White

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