All about Seagulls

Chris really likes to take pictures of seagulls. He says they are generally looked down upon and considered the pigeons of the beach. But they are a really common New England site. So he tries to take cool pictures of them in action to show how pretty they actually can be.

Here is a picture of a seagull in flight. I like the dramatic white against blue. Chris made this a black and white picture too because it highlights all the detail in the wings, but I really like the contrast in the color version.
Seagull in Blue Sky with Under-Lighting

Seagull in Blue Sky but Black and White

This seagull is getting ready to land on the beach. This Ferry Beach in Saco, Maine.
Seagull Landing on Beach

We went to Pine Point in Maine and Chris spent most of the time trying to get seagulls in action. Here is a neat shot he took of a seagull banking in flight, but the really pretty thing about it is the tail feathers. They are all glowing from the lighting.
Seagull with Glowing Tail Feathers

I like this shot of a seagull in flight. It is a simple black and white and the seagull is nicely lit.
Simple Black and White Seagull

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1 Response to All about Seagulls

  1. Homemanager says:

    These are great pictures of seagulls. I like seeing the detail of the feathers even on the birds bodies. Very nice!

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