Spring and Summer of 2014 (2)

When visiting Maine, we like to go to Camp Ellis to get shots of boats and lobster traps. Chris took some neat orange shots during one of our trips. Here is one of his shots with a bird just landing on a post.
Bird at Camp Ellis

The pilings near the dock create some interesting visual lines besides being great for seagulls to perch on.
Sunset on Pilings at Camp Ellis

During a day stop at Camp Ellis, I found this cute boat.
Cute Boat at Camp Ellis
Chris likes it in black and white too.

We went to Pine Point in Scarborough, Maine, once.
Here is a fun picture looking down the ramp to a bunch of lobster traps.
Lobster Traps at Pine Point

Chris took this picture of a bunch of boats and made it all black and white except for the front two boats. I think it really looks cool that way.
Two Coloured Boats in a Black and White Pine Point

This last picture is of a row of boats at Pine Point. I thought it was funny how they were all lined up. It took me several tries to get a good angle of them all.
Boats in a line at Pine Point

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