What have we been up to?

Hi, Chris here.  We haven’t been focusing on this blog as much as we probably should be, but that’s mostly because we’ve been out taking and posting pictures!  Note that I am not accounting for the endless hours spent at our desk jobs (bleh)…although these also affect how much time we have to write about our hobbies.

Anyway, to summarize since we last posted, we have updated almost all of our galleries on our website with new pictures, we have achieved over 300 likes on our Facebook fan page, and we started a store on Fine Art America.  To humble my ego, I need to point out that we achieved those likes mostly through boosting posts and not due to the earth-shattering artistic quality of our pictures (we pay Facebook a few bucks to have our posts show up in the news feeds of local people who we think enjoy nature and photography.  Some of them ended up liking us.)  None of this has resulted in any sales yet, but that’s ok.  We’re still learning and getting better (I hope).  One day we might take a shot of something that makes someone say “Wow!  I need that on my wall!”

Yup, we’ve been really busy with every aspect of this adventure, except the blog!


In terms of our photography, we’ve been focusing a lot on sunset scenes right now.  Before you scream cliche, please hear me out!  I know everyone in the world takes pictures of sunsets and sunrises.  Why?  Because they are beautiful, of course!  But, the pictures that have always really stood out are ones where the sunrise or sunset is just the background, and not the point of the photograph.  To this end, I’ve been trying to capture scenes that have the beautiful color of a sunset in the background, but also interesting subjects up front.  Avery Point in Groton is a nice place to get some shots like this, as well as any place where you can put boats, docks, or other interesting things in front of the lens to carve out silhouettes.

Hopefully within the next week we will be ready to post some of the pictures we took from Williams Beach in Mystic.  It’s a cute little beach that seems to be mostly ignored by the tourists, which means it’s a perfect place to capture nice images.  Until then, have a good week!


About Chris

I'm a science-fiction writer, landscape photographer, and engineer living in New England. I'm also a husband, father, and a Christian. When I'm not busy with all of these things, you can probably find me asleep, dreaming of mountain biking on an alien planet.
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