Down the Mystic River

The Morgan went down the Mystic River.  It didn’t actually sail, because it needs to be ballasted, and they couldn’t ballast it in the Mystic River because the river is too shallow.  So the Morgan was pushed out.

But it still looked beautiful.  We have pictures up on our website.


Charles W. Morgan

Charles W. Morgan on Mystic River

Charles W. Morgan Photo Gallery

Chris and I split up to take pictures.  Mine have people in the foreground because I stood farther up and inland while Chris stood on a floating dock with no one in front of him.  The sun came out and shone hot on the side of my face.

Chris met a bike shop owner who was also a photographer.  He said they spent whole time talking about bikes and lenses.  I discovered there were a lot of dogs with their owners come to see the Morgan out.  The couple in front of me had a sweet black dog with a greying muzzle.  She was called Jewel and she was fifteen.  A couple of little girls patted her.

Many other boats came out as well.  My favorite boat was the fire boat.  They had water shooting up and out during the procession.  Chris preferred the police boat.  He said he was impressed by the armouring on it.

You can see the Morgan in New London now.

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