Potential Upcoming Mystic Shoot

The Morgan, the last wooden whaling ship in the US, is setting sail down Mystic River from the Mystic Seaport tomorrow in the morning.  You can read about it at the Mystic Seaport website here.

It should be a pretty cool sight since they have to unfurl all the sails because there is no alternative propelling system (i.e. a diesel motor) to get it down the river.  Chris and I are hoping it does not rain so we can visit downtown Mystic and get some pictures.  Unfortunately, we do not have waterproof cameras, and we haven’t come up with a suitable protection system for our cameras yet.  So rain is not fun.

On another note, we have discussed some other areas for potential shoots.  One of the goals of our photography is to find all the little parks and other places that are in one region that anybody could visit, but we just don’t think about.  We had this idea a while ago, but it is becoming more important to us now since we are expecting a little person to join us in the late fall, curtailing any long distance traveling for a while.

If you, the perhaps non-existent reader, have any suggestions for places to visit in Southeastern Connecticut, we would be happy to investigate and perhaps take some fun pictures of.

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